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Abelina before and after . Another victim of an entitled dog owner .

Abelina was breathing her last breath . Volunteers were texting all the rescues code red …must go out NOW .

It always hurts when you see them laying helpless waiting to be killed … so what do you do as a rescue ?…well having another baby in the team .

Abelina bloomed in the precious diamond I saw in her . She survived and fought back and now she can laugh at her abusers . She is a wonderful, gorgeous shepherd and a total sweetheart.

She is in general good with other dogs but not with cats . Meet and greets with your dog are required.

Abelina is around 4 years old .

This absolutely cupcake of ours deserves the best in life and we are looking for a family who want to give her that .

She is located in Huntington NY

To become her new family please apply today by filling in the application on our website

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