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Acera is exact 1 year old and was born in the shelter .
She is a sweet girl but is not a beginners dog and only for very experienced owners who spend on a daily base quality time with her .
Her sister who is adopted by a previous adopter showed us the DNA . Her mother is a full German shepherd and is a pure alpha female.
Acera her DNA is
45 % German shepherd
24 % Cane Corso
16 % Neapolitan Mastiff
4 % Rottweiler
4% American Pit Bull Terrier
These breeds are only for dedicated owners who understand their needs .
We stay very strict on who can adopt them .
Acera is in foster care in Huntington NY .
If you are interested please fill in theĀ  adoption link to become an approved adopter .
Please ONLY very serious adopters !!!

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