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Adam was saved together with his girlfriend Anabelle from a horrible hoarding case .

They came in like a mess but look at this pretty boy now.
Adam is around 5 years old and will scare everybody who comes near his kennel .

He growls like a bear , ears flat and eyes ready to kill .

A volunteer stepped backwards when I took him out of his kennel .

Are you sure… ? She asked me .

Oh this one…he is a baaaaaaaby . He was already hiding in his doghouse when I stepped in his kennel .

Adam, cookie time !!! His eyes and ears went up .

In 2 seconds we were out of his kennel and we are walking .

Adam had no clue that I had another surprise for him . His girlfriend had to spent a few weeks with our vet because she was losing some fur .
His beautiful girlfriend was waiting around the corner .

Wagging tails and many kisses were following up .

Adam loves his girlfriend but is careful with other dogs around . He loves to protect . He does not like cats .

We are looking for a good family who would love to take Adam as their new family member . If you like a couple then Adam and Anabelle would be perfect .
They are a little bit scared but bloom very fast open when you give them treats and some love.

They are not bounded and can be split but I would be great if they can stay together .

Both of them are located in Middle Island NY
(Anabelle will be posted in another post )

To become their new family please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website.

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