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Aisa was one of the many dogs we saved in Texas .

Also this pretty girl ended up on the kill list .

We were in time and she came save under our wings .

Many people ask us why these beautiful shepherds are getting killed.

Unfortunately, the mentality of the people where our dogs come from , they see dogs as an item that they can trow away as a piece of garbage .

Thousand and thousand of dogs are running on the streets . Litters, pregnant mommies , young dogs , old dogs , injured dogs . You can see it all. Animal control can not keep up and even when we are with 4 German shepherd rescues on that one shelter , we can not keep up.

Aisa was one of the lucky ones. When she went on our truck other ones were getting killed . The thin line between life and death .

Aisa is a wonderful sweet and calm 3 year old German Shepherd . We had no problems walking her on the leash . For now we would like to have her as pet only .

Aisa is looking for a nice family who will treat her like the rare gem she is .
A family who will love her and spoil her . Where she can forget her past .

Aisa is located in Middle ISland NY

To become her new family please apply today by filling in theĀ  adoption application on our website

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