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Akela her story Is double sad.

Rescuers getting code red in and have to hurry up to get dogs alive out . Suddenly out of nowhere a rescue started to tag many dogs what is mostly a red flag . All these dogs need medical care , transport what cost us thousands of dollars. A couple of weeks later I get a text message in that 17 dogs were dumped at a boarding in San Antonio’s.

Yes the scam rescue let a trail behind from dumped dogs. The 17 dogs would be brought back to the shelter where they would be killed right away . I could not let this happen so I took 3 dogs over and rallied other rescuers that I knew. In 20 minutes all the 17 dogs were safe under respected rescues .

For legal reasons I can not name the rescue because they are still under investigation but they will have to present at court .

Akela was one of them and came safe under the wings of A-team Elite rescue dogs . Surprise surprise the dogs did not receive any medical treatment and we brought them to North Star animal hospital in San Antonio were all our dogs get full vet care.

When she was ready we moved her up to Middle island NY where she is now located.

Akela acted very skittish , as a scared little bird. Every move scared her . She was clearly beaten up severely .

Akela is a very young dog . Only 1.5 year old and already so much tragedy to deal with .

Akela is scared of other dogs and does not like cats .

We are hoping to find a very loving family who have the patience to let her warm up on her time .

If you are that family then please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website .

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