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Time was ticking …the clock had no mercy and Akikki was the next one to be killed.

Miserable standing in a high kill shelter . Full of skin diseases , extreme skinny , barely fur …the poor boy was clearly severe neglected and abused .

Another husky treated as garbage …

So we pulled this boy in safety and he came under our wings .

Akikki is a young , very sweet energetic husky of 2.7 months .
He is dog and cat friendly but a little bit aware of men .

His skin healed nicely under the good care of our vet in San Antonio. He is still skinny but we are building his weight up day by day . Her fur is growing fast and this baby is going to be GORGEOUUUUUS in no time .

Akikki is located in Middle Island NY

We are looking for a Husky experienced owner who has a fence of minimum 6 feet high . NO expectance

We would love to see this sweetheart coming home with the right family who would love him forever .

To become his new family please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website

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