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Akikko is a lover . This 1 year old Shepherd/husky mix wants nothing more then to kiss you. His paws in your hands , beautiful ice blue eyes who are staring at you with love . He is precious .

Unfortunately not everybody sees how precious these dogs are and Akikko ended up on the kill list . He would have been already killed if a volunteer in the shelter did not protected him with her full body . Begging messages to pull .

So we did …and he came safe under us .

Akikko is a great dog but has to be pet only . He is not direct aggressive to other dogs but does not want to play either with them. He is also not a fan of cats .

We would love to see this wonderful boy coming home with an active family before the holiday .

He is located in Middle Island NY .

To become his new owner please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website

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