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Hello world …I finally left NY and arrived in Middle Island NY

My previous owners only wanted me when I was a cute fluffy puppy but never gave me the medical care that EVERY dog needs . So I became heart worm positive. 

I ended up in a high kill shelter and I heard that they would kill me that day . We were with 10 white shepherds and several other shepherds . We knew we would not have a chance until a lady marked something on my papers on my kennel door .

In fat letters..there it was TAGGED by A-TEAM ELITE rescue dogs . I had no idea what it meant but before we know all the white shepherds and a bunch of other shepherds were on a van . They put is one by one in crates . We were all scared , what is going to happen us .

The other were on a cart and then there was silence …we never saw them back again . They were dead .

So, we had a long drive of 4 hours to a city named San Antonio . The place called …hospital .

They were nice there. They washed us , they did funny things with our bellies and our mouth . I did not like all these needles but they said that I needed it . I had to stay calm for a long time . What was difficult for me because I’m very playful.

Today they told me that it was my time.
What were they saying , until I heard that I would go to NY .

Well I’m almost a year old , good with other dogs (hey I’m a winner) and I need a forever home . Can you be that family for me that would love me forever and will you promise also to bring me to a vet when I need it . Will you walk me in the parks and the woods and would you do some fun stuff with me.

I would love to have also a cozy bed with some toys . I hope that I don’t ask too much .

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