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Amarissa, skin over bones , left on the concrete floor in a noisy shelter with her 10 little puppies in a small children’s swimming pool next to her .

Almost defeated, barely alive was she giving all her milk and the last energy she had in her frail body to her children .

Broken eyes were staring in the camera ….there was no second to loose and she became ours . Her puppies were fast adopted but as always the mothers are standing alone .

One by one she had to say goodbye to her darlings who all found a good home . The attention went now all to her . She had to gain weight . Her skin was dragging on the floor …

We promised her that soon she would feel much better …

Today Amarissa is blooming in the young lady she truly is .

This beauty is 3 years old and is an absolutely heartbreaker . She will lean against your legs and will make sure that she protects you . On the bench she lays on your lap . She is a complete picture perfect German shepherd .

She only does not like other dogs and cats .

We are looking for a family that will truly loves her and never will abandon her .

This girl suffered so much and it is time that she deserves the best in life .

Amarissa is located in Huntington NY .

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