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A chat message came in . Screaming Cindy they are going to bring Sadie and Amelia right now to the euthanasia room .

My kennels were complete full . Bills are huge and then I saw her face and her name . Amelia

The face of this rescue is Amelia who was severe abused and had only 1 ear . I saved her 5 years ago . She was 8 years old and a complete mess but became the love of my life . She passed away last year . I wondered if my girl was trying to get me a message .

So I tagged Amelia and Sadie and just before the needle went in them they get the confirmation that we tagged.

Sadie and Amelia went quick on transport to the local vet . Amelia was terrified and snapped what happens more with dogs when they arrive at the vet . When fully vetted they were put on transport to NY . Sadie who was renamed Asadyia was quick adopted but Amelia is waiting .

It is clear that the girl had a rough life . It is difficult to see on the pictures but she is very skinny on her hips. Each day we build some weight up . The look in her eyes says enough . I wonder what her story was .

She checked me out but warmed up quickly . A smile came on my face . This is a TRUE German shepherd .

It is difficult to say how old she truly is . A tough life let them look older . It’s a guess between 5-7 years old but the girl has enough spunk for a 3 year old one .

Amelia is an older dog but people who adopted an older dog can follow me in this . An older dog hits you straight to the heart . There is a loyalty and love you can not compare . I see this also in this girl and I can hope that somebody sees the same gem as I see .

Amelia is not good with cats or dogs .

A calmer experienced family with no children would be ideal for her . This girl will bloom open in no time .

She is located in Middle Island NY

If you would give this special treasure a forever home then please apply today by filling in the  adoption application on our website

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