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Her story is heartbreaking .

Over and over again we see entitled dog owners who do not give anything about their dogs . When the cuteness of the puppy is gone they are nothing more then trash .

Amelina was another victim of a POS owner . Tied up on a heavy chain on a tree . Rain , cold weather , heavy sun. Her worthless owner did not care .

She was more then happy to get rid of her and we know how that happens in the area where she comes from . A bullet in her head. Dumped on the street or delivered in the kill shelter where she as an owner surrender is put down right away .

A young sweet dog of 3 years old . She never even vetted her dog .

Amelina was more then happy when our local volunteer took the heavy chain of her neck .

She was right away brought to our vet and received all the care she needed. Her ribs were sticking out .

Amelina is a little bit skittish what is normal after such a hell of a life but will warm up to you if you just give her some time .

She is insecure and does not like other dogs around or is not a fan of cats . She maybe will do better in the future with other dogs but for now she is pet only .

We would love to find a family who understands that she was severe neglected and needs all the quality time and love .

Amelina is located in Middle Island .

Would you like to be her new family then please apply today by filling in the adoption  application on our website

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