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AMERY , another cupcake that was dumped in a very high kill shelter . Last week when a new load dogs arrived I was surprised to see little dogs in my kennels .

When we pull we have only a few seconds to decide to save their life . As usual I don’t ask any information . We deal with that later. The most important is that we save lives here . Amery came save under our wings with a big picture of his head .

Again I started to laugh . Well mini mini mini cutie …who do we have here 😁🥰

Amery is not a big German shepherd but a 36 pound mix . The face is to die for .

He is 3 years old and wants to be only pet .

This little heartbreaker is located in Middle Island NY .

We would love to see this baby coming home to a wonderful family who will adore him and spoil him rotten . Only the best for our dogs .

To become his new family please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website

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