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This young lady of almost 2 years is a proud one and at the same time the sweetest girl you ever met .

Anechka found herself dumped in the kill shelter . Code red ..yes she would be killed if we did not take her out of time . Many people think there is something wrong with the dogs . The truth is …their is nothing wrong with the dogs but with the owners who wanted a puppy and did not want to spent time, money, health care etc on it .┬áHundreds of dogs are brought every day to the shelters . Diseases are spreading and dogs are stuck in the hell waiting for their death .

Pictures or video’s showing the scared and begging eyes or the howling to get out of there . Anechka was one of the lucky ones and is now safe in NY .

She is good with cats and dogs but barks at larger dogs. A meet and greet with your dog is required .

This sweetheart is looking for her new family who love her till the end of her days .

She is located in Huntington NY (Long Island)

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