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Arenti is probably the easiest dog we have under our rescue .

He was saved from a small very high kill shelter in Mission Texas .

The area is over flooded with dogs and the killing is high . Thousands of dogs are running over the streets and animal control can not keep up. They got shot , cars hit them or they end up like Arenti in the shelter on the kill list .

Arenti is an older , very sweet and calm dog . He is between 7-8 years old and just want to be with somebody who loves him. He does not ask much . But is a nice warm bed , some toys and good food too much to ask for all the love they give to us ?

Every day Arenti is brought to his small kennel . Waiting for his new family to take him home . We promised him that his day will come soon .

He is dog friendly and a little bit shy but will warm up quick to you .
He has a look in his eyes…just don’t hurt me please .

This sweetheart needs a good angel who will give him all the love he deserves.

Arenti is located in HUntington NY .

To become his new family please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website

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