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When you meet this little cupcake you can only say what a cutie she is .

She looks like a fluffy teddybear mixed with a fox . Her eyes are staring at me and I know she stands frozen because she came out of a very high kill shelter in San Antonio . SHe is wandering if I would hurt her .. she clearly did not had an easy life .

I give her a soft rub behind her ear and slowly her tail starts wagging. I can even see a smile of relieve on her face . No , little sweetheart I’m your godmother and you are safe in my rescue and now it is time to find a nice mommy and daddy for you

Apricot is around 3 years , is good with dogs and cats and is just a sweetheart . Please keep in mind to give them time to bloom open

She is located in Middle Island NY .

To become her new family please apply today by filling in the adoption application .

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