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ARAKAZ is a very abused but sweet 3 year old shepherd.
We have no background info of him but he was clearly beaten up over and over again.

It was heartbreaking how he curled up in his dog house , afraid of being touch. Not daring to look at me. We had to break his doghouse 2 times open to get him even out.

As the owner of this rescue I’m extreme protective over this boy. He bloomed open after a few months and can walk with us with a wagging tail. However , in a new home his adopter has to start from zero again.

We only ask for German shepherd experienced people who had rescue dogs . We do not want to set this innocent boy up for failure.

ARAKAZ will react on other dogs but does this more out of fear. He is not a fan of cats .

He is located in Middle Island .

Please only VERY serious candidates!!!

If you want to make ARAKAZ your new family and you are dedicated to his needs then please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website

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