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Just a baby , a baby of only 18 months and yes they wanted to kill him .

What was his crime ? NOTHING

Dumped by his owner , clearly abused and neglected . The poor baby was so scared that our vet could not handle him . Step by step they had to gain his trust and the staff did an amazing job.

Yes he still watches everything around him but how would you be if you were him .

He trusted me enough to take him out of his kennel and he walked perfectly fine on the leash . His face started to light up and his eyes had a spark again .

He is medical checked and has no problems but does not like to be touched with a brush on his hips. He was skin over bones when we pulled him and probably he is sensitive because of it .

Today he is filling in to a beautiful teddybear .

He is a little bit picky with which dog he wants to play with but did not mind the cat.

ARALD will be a wonderful dog for many families as long if you ive him the time to trust you . We prefer families with older children because of his abusive past .

He is easy and does not need much but I would be always nice if you have a little bit of an active life .

Arald is located in Middle Island NY

To become his new family please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website.

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