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Arielle is a beautiful, sweet and adorable shepherd /collie mix of 2.5 year .

Arielle was all this time extreme afraid and shy and dared not to look at potential adopters . They all passed her and she was brought back to the kennel.

Luckily for her , her foster mother Brianna who works at our vet felt pity for her and took her home whenever she could and did not had to study in school .

Arielle bloomed open and is finally ready to be adopted .

We would like to give her a forever home with people who are calm with her and let her be herself . She will bloom open to the right person and will win your heart , just the way how she did with the staff .

She is cat and dog friendly and located in Huntington NY .

To become this sweetheart her new family please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website .

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