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Armando was brought in to Houston high kill shelter to put him down .

He showed aggression to the staff and his time was up . As rescuers we know it is very rare that a dog is really aggressive so I took my chance and took him out of there … and I’m very happy I did .

Yes ,and at our vet he was not a happy trooper either but the poor thing had a horrible ear infection. Yes, you read that right . He would have been killed over an ear infection that the owner did not want to treat . Don’t you love people 😠

Armando arrived after being fully medical treated but I thought he was still too skinny so he stayed a while at our vet in Huntington . He looks good now. A few pounds extra I would not mind but we are always careful with German Shepherds and weight on their hips .

A wagging tail , big eyes and happy smile when I opened his kennel for the first time to walk him in the woods . This Godzilla of a dog is nothing more then a sweet shepherd who loves to hike . There was totally not an issue with him . Still he is a German shepherd and we only adopt him out to shepherd experienced owners .

His previous owner clearly did not care about him so he receives all the love he can get from us .

Armando is 5 years old . Does not like cats or dogs and has to be pet only .

We would love to see him with a wonderful person who sees the same great boy in him as I see .

Somebody who will love him forever and gives him everything he needs .

Armando is located in Middle Island .

To become an approved adopter you have to fill in the adoption application on our website

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