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A text message popped up . I opened the picture. They are dumping her right now !!!!

A local volunteer was texting me in panic because owner surrenders are the first to be killed .

I told her that I would her under my wings . So she left her dirty crate and switch place to the car of our volunteer. She was brought direct to our vet we’re she received all the medical treatment . When she was ready we moved her up to NY.

The first moment I saw her it broke again my heart .
Absolute fear was in her eyes. I opened slowly her kennel and approached her step by step . Her hair straight up and her ears flat . I knew that I had to be careful but she realized that she could trust me .

On her walk in the woods it was clear that this girl was beaten . For this reason we do only adopt to experienced GS owners .

Arosiyia is beautiful . There is no doubt on but she still needs a family who is willing to do the effort to gain her trust and who will treat her as a loved family member .

Arosiyia is 2 years old and has to be pet only .

Please only serious candidates . This girl only deserves the best .

She is located in Middle Island NY

To become her new family please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website

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