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This girl was so shy when she first arrived in Middle Island, NY that we thought she would be another special case like her sisters.

She did not want to walk on the leash, and she wanted to hide in every tight space she could find. Her left ear is cut in half, so we assume she has suffered some abuse in her past.

We gave this girl a break, and we tried her again the next day. The volunteer who worked with her both days said that her improvement was dramatic the next day. She trusted the volunteer who worked with her, and she even went for a long walk on leash staying by her walker’s side the entire time at heel. She was so happy to go for a walk that she showed the volunteer love with gentle kisses, and she gently took treats out of our hands.

This sweet gentle girl seems to love other dogs. She gives gentle kisses, and she seems to perk up around other dogs too.

Artemis is between 2-3 years old.

Artemis is located in Middle Island NY

We think she would do well in a home with other dogs. She wags her tail with cats .

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