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What do you see …yes …FEAR …

We are puzzled by these dogs . Their owner passed away and the family reached out to local rescuers who asked us to take 5 of the 9 dogs on the property .

We took them under our wings . Thinking it was easy was so far from the truth . All the 5 dogs are between 2 and 3 years old . With 9 dogs together you would think they would be more socialized but one by one they react very skittish .

We know that we have to find fats a home for each of these babies so that they can bloom open. We have seen miracles happening with 2 of our severe abused dogs . We are hoping for the same kind of adopters who are willing to have patience and have lots of love to offer .

Because they are so skittish and afraid we ask potential adopters to have older kids in the house who understand that our dogs are rescue dogs with a past .

Assana is a sweetheart but very shy . She is around 3 years old .

Who is going to give this poor baby a chance in life . A home where she can feel safe and loved again.

The other dogs from the same owner are Arielle, Amaya, Adinah and Artemis . They will be soon posted in group .

Assana is with the others located in Middle Island NY.

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