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ATHANY , another young shepherd dumped in the high kill shelter . They said 3 years old but I think max 2 years .

Again we were rushing her out with many other dogs to safety . She could hop on transport direct to our vet in North Star . The shelter is known for his distemper parvo giardia coccidia and heartworm positive dogs. Diseases are spreading faster then a wildfire and any second counts .

ATHANY was checked out and after a few weeks she could go to NY where she is now located in Middle Island .

When I took her for the first time out of her kennel she gave me a look not sure where we would going . Until I told her we would have a walk in the woods . She became on the spot an energetic shepherd and loved it outside . To explore all the Sneeks and sounds.

I would say a tiny bit skittish but warms very fast up to you .

ATHANY is not a fan of other dogs of cats .

She is a very sweet spunky lady and we hope to find a golden basket for her soon .

If you are the family who would like to give her new forever home then please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website

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