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LOOOOOOOK at him …. is he not wonderful ….that face … would you let him being killed ????

Atilla was on that horrible list …rescues are getting the pictures in with big fat letters RELEASED what means we only have 10 minutes to pull, set up transport and a vet ready to take in . Luckily we had him in time .

Atilla is a great dog who is doing well with females or submissive males , not a fan of cats .

This handsome boy is 75 pounds and is between 3-4 years old. The vet in Texas is totally in love with him and says that he is a very sweet boy . He is considered as a Mastiff mix . You can easily add 20 pounds on him when he is on the weight he supposed to be . He is a big boy full of love .

We are looking for a family who likes the big mushes . Because Atilla is the real deal.

Atilla will arrive the 24th of February in Huntington NY .

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