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Atka is a beautiful husky of only 2 years old . This sweetheart ended up as so many other huskies in the kill shelter . (Probably he has shepherd mix in him)

So many people want these dogs for their beauty of because they were used in populair Hollywood movies . Huskies are a wonderful breed but they are definitely NOT for beginners. They are very high energy , vocal and escape artist .

They need constant stimulation and their daily exercise.

we only adopt our huskies for this reason to husky experienced owners.

Atka is not really aggressive to other dogs but vocal , he does not like cats .

He is very playful, a lover and intelligent .

Atka is located in Middle Island NY

We would love to see this boy next to the Christmas table .

Are you an experienced husky owner and you would like to become his new family then please apply today by filling in the adoption application on our website

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