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1 year old and already such a gorgeous shepherd but also she ended up in the kill shelter with minutes to spare . Owner surrender dogs are the first that are getting killed . Luckily we received her picture in time and we just know that a true German Shepherd will love her .

With big fat letters UNWANTED on her papers !!!!

Atrishia is a doll who needs some little training . Everybody who owned a Shepherd knows that you have to do that from day 1 . They are very high energy and they have to keep themselves busy .

Atrishia has everything in her to be the most loyal dog that you ever owned . She will make sure somebody very happy and we will do our best to find the right person for her who will understand her, give her some times and the love she missed with her previous owner .

Atrishia is just pulled and barks at other dogs and cats . We can not say for sure if she is dog or cat friendly . It is to soon . The kennels are stress full for any shepherd so we let her first adjust .

Atrishia will be very soon arriving at our vet in Huntington, Long Island NY where she stays .

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