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So young and 2 times dumped by her owners . Yes she was adopted to be dumped again . They dumped her in one of the highest kill shelters in Texas .

Why do you want to adopt a dog when you do not want to commit to them ???

Is there something wrong with her ???? Absolutely not !!!!

She is a playful very pleasant young shepherd who gets along with dogs but is not a fan of cats .

I look in her face , she looks back … I can only tell her , don’t worry kiddo … we are going to find you a REAL family .

Ayissy is between 2.5 and 3 years old and needs a family who will love her forever . I can truly not say anything bad about her and would love to see her in her golden basket . A home where she feels safe and loved by her people . No more betray …

Ayissy is located in Middle Island NY

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