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Azeki is a wonderful 2 year old German Shepherd who ended up on the kill list like hundreds each day .

Keep in mind that this shelter does not wait and only a few seconds are left to save them .

Azeki was one if the lucky one and could leave the shelter alive .

Skin over bones , bad skin , malnutrition and scared he cane under our wings. He looks now after months gorgeous but he is still skinny on his hips , even when you don’t se it because of his beautiful fur.

Azeki started to trust people and showed his personality. You can only fall in love with him. A pure shepherd by heart .

Azeki is dog selective and does not like cats .

He is located in Middle Island NY .

We are looking for a serious German Shepherd lover who will give this boy all the quality time he needs and follow our enzymes treatment for now .

He is absolutely a great dog and I can not stop bragging about him.

This boy just deserves the best after the hell he came from .

To become his new family please apply today by filling in the adoption  application on our website

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