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When we say Forever A-team ELITE family , we mean it . We stand behind our dogs and will protect them to their last days.

Azi was adopted as a 9 week old puppy . The owner never had a dog and always wanted one . His wife had no interest . He promised us that he would be the only care taker and that the dog would be loved .

Well we are a year further and we received “THE CALL” .

Azi was picked by animal control on the streets and ended up in a kill shelter in NJ . We asked if he was in a healthy condition what they confirmed .
We called the owner and he had no idea that his dog was missing because he was not in NY .

After several conflicting stories the owner picked him up at the shelter . A week later he called us to take him back up otherwise he would end up at the pound .

Yes that same owner who promised he would take care of him and love him forever .

Well Azi is back under our wings and never have to see these horrible people again .
We do not what the “health standards” are in shelter in NJ but Azi was 20 pounds under his weight .

This boy needs now a new home where they truly love him and take care of him.

He is 1.3 years old , good with dogs and cats but plays rough . Azi grew up with 2 toddlers of 2 years old but he is too rough for children .

He is eager to please but still needs some structure .

Azi his mother is Aluscia who is a Belgian Malinois . We think his father was a serious big labrador .

He is a great goofy guy but we would love to see him with an active family who can give him the structure he needs .

He is as naughty as he looks like …but in a good way .

Azi is located in Huntington NY .

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